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Problemas com Resolução da tela

Olá, eu estou com um problema pois recentemente comprei um adaptador para conectar meu monitor que tem entrada VGA ao meu PC que tem apenas HDMI, porém o video no monitor não fica centralizado, parte dele é cortado e parte fica preta, como se estivesse arrastado pro lado.
Já tentei:
-Mudar para todas as resoluções possiveis;
-Instalar o driver de gráficos da intel para windows para ajustar a tela;
-Alterar as configurações nos botões do monitor e apertar o autosync para centralizar;
-mudar a frequência de video( apenas duas possíveis 59 e 60)
Nada disso funcionou não sei mais o que fazer.
Minhas configurações:
Processador/GPU: i5 10400( hd graphics 630)
Placa mãe aorus elite: b560m
Adaptador vga > hdmi: Exbom
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First question is: is this the only monitor connected to the computer? if you have more than one monitor connected to the computer and they are in "clone/duplicate" mode, you can only select a resolution that is supported by both monitors (this may cause one of them to not scale well showing black bars at the sides)

This could be also the result of a low-quality converter that is limiting the bandwidth for the resolution, or affecting handshake, and so on... I have had this problem when "adapter ZZ" doesn't allow me to select resolution "XX", but when I changed to "adapter YY" now it allows me to choose the resolution "XX" that I wanted (and just using the same cable, driver, and the same PC/outputs...). keep in mind that you are converting a digital signal to an analog signal and there is always the possibility of unknown issues...


Have you tried to scale the screen from the intel graphics command center?

(edited): Ok, I see the motherboard is Aorus elite b560M, and it just has 1 HDMI and 1 display port...

Can you try another adapter or a direct connection?...


Another option is that you have a bad HDMI cable that needs to be replaced...

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