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Projector Display Issues

I'm in the middle of rolling out Windows 10 for my organization. I've been noticing an interesting issue specific to our projectors (among other issues, but this is one I have no good answer for yet). I'm have an open support request with InFocus, but I don't think the issue is in the hardware.


On Windows 10, Dell, laptops (that aren't using a dedicated graphics card) there are moving horizontal bars on the right side of the projected display. This noise is only appearing in maximized applications such as web browser or Office application. This is not occurring on Windows Explorer. This is happening on many different models of Dell Laptops and on three different InFocus Projectors. Attached a picture of the projector display problem.


InFocus IN126STa

Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

Dell Latitude E6540

  1. Uninstalled graphics driver and used Intel's update assistant to re-install
    1. Installed with Driver Version; Driver Date; 2/21/2018
  2. Updated projector firmware
  3. Multiple HDMI cables. VGA connection has no problems at all.
  4. Disabled as much graphics hardware acceleration as I could.
  5. Opened Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel and tried different settings for Display "Digital Television InFocus 126D":
    1. Different Resolutions
    2. Different Refresh Rates; Default is "59p Hz"
    3. Tried different scalings
    4. Changed Quantization Range (to anything other than Default). THIS WORKS PERFECTLY.

I've spent time with that setting and trying to figure out how to deploy this setting to the many computers we have with no luck. Changing Quantization Range with multiple laptop models has made this work with all of our projectors. This is a really unusual one that I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around. Since so far I can't deploy a fix for this, I need to figure something out.

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Community Manager

Hello DerikG


Thank you for contacting us.


I understand that you are experiencing display distortions with your Dell Latitude E6540 OEM equipment and your InFocus IN126STa



In order for me to assist you better and perform further research about your issue, please provide me with the .txt file that the System Support Utility will generate. To attach a file, you must click the "Attach" option on the bottom right-hand corner of the response box.


As well you mentioned that the issue happens on different models of Dell Computers, do they all share the same graphics controller (Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600) or do they have different specifications?


Are all the projectors the same model and brand?


I hope to hear from you soon.


Best Regards,


Diego S.




Community Manager


Hello DerikG,


We just wanted to double check if you still need further assistance.


Please do not hesitate on contacting us back.


Best Regards,


Diego S.