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Report a vunerabilit on all mothebords intel based lga 1151 8th series to brand new 10th series i9


Sorry guys I am here post a pictures of a chinese invasion. i dont know how to calle it

but they do a complete overlay on all intel based mothebords as pictures shows you can se the data stamp of the files 1968 abd 1969. also on the windows reg. i am on a fight with this since oct 2019. now it is wid spred. I dont know wat to do. I have them souce code as well i will post in pictures here. I have the raw files. feeel fre to remote acces my machines anyway. because they install something inside the hadware like uhd 600 grapcs ALL NVIDA AND AMD gpus also affectes. many periphals as pictures shows. iff possible call me +552121796156 +5521996945688

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I have compresse the remainig pictures as it is permmited only 10 files. please look it


i delete the drives dowloaded a brand new from l=intel website latest version the overlay it and on the webpages appers chinese insted portuguese. this is my motheborad number 5 this year  is an asus

i have gigabyte aorus asus dell lenovo macos.. it AFFECTS ALL SYSTEM ALLL FRM SMASRT PHONES WINDOWS AND LINUX SYSTEMS i willl attache a onedrive link with more evideces. it is a mess because i dont have time to organase it.!AuPg3GzsWyeUgqciMLqUbAyckx9XFg?e=BhfBPc


here you can find the major AV EVASION FILE  

they use the big companis like tencent dropbox outh0 and trutpilot as a carries. everything is on the code.


sorry for any incovenience. i am tired to be cowardly hacked more them 2 years by thouse people!AuPg3GzsWyeUgYsWVj-h-25eh5tJHQ?e=1a1SVk



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Please help. they continue overlaying all intel drivers on all my pcs. I dont know what to do. even the intel website shows the wrong info! this is a ransomaleware. affectts all brands



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Hello lemeln1984,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


We appreciate you took the time to contact us regarding this matter, in the link down below you will find all the information you need in order to successfully report a vulnerability to us, in case of any questions please refer to the link included within the site and the different points of contact included there.


The latest security information on Intel® products


*Important note: You don't need to create more than one thread for this matter, you can continue with the support on your original thread. This thread will be closed to avoid any confusion.




Victor G.

Intel Technical Support Technician


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