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Screen Capture Protection on Intel HD Graphics 3000

Does the Intel HD Graphics 3000 have a screen capture protection feature and if yes, can it be enabled? I'm trying to use the DirecTV2PC application that streams HD content from my DirecTV DVR to my laptop. The application says HD content is prevented from being viewed on my laptop screen because I need to enable screen capture protection on the graphics card. I can't find a setting under graphics properties or in the registry that allows this feature to be enabled.

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Not sure how to do this, I was looking for official software (preferably bundled with the hardware) that optimizes screen capture and recording for the Intel HD 3000, I use Linux currently though, so I'm guessing you use Windows, if it's not in your control panel then an API to toggle such a feature might not exist yet? Are you connecting your DirectTV box via a newer HDMI cable? HDCP should handle this by default, but I'm really not sure on that either.. Be nice if someone does know, and would be kind enough to share there knowledge here!


In general, screen capture defense is enabled whenever you are playing back protected content. I'm assuming that the application in question is running on your PC, not on the DVR itself - correct? and that you are trying to watch the content on the laptop's local screen (vs plugging laptop into external display)?

Possibly the application isn't properly setting up the protected playback session... Have you tried contacting the software support for DirectTV2PC?