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Sixth generation Core processor installed DCH graphics driver problem

The processor I use for my laptop is the Core I7-6700HQ.The processor I use for my laptop is the Core I7-6700HQ. The brand is Hasee.

I downloaded the latest graphics driver from Intel's official website, version number is

When I installed the driver and restarted the computer, my laptop showed a series of failures. First, the screen flashed several times each time my laptop was turned on.

Secondly, when I was running a game downloaded from the Windows Store, some game interface problems also appeared. Please check the attached video.

I hope that Intel can fix these problems, which makes me a lot of troubles in use.

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I have installed same driver on i5 7200u kabylake .

But I never experienced such problems.

Intel releases only generic drivers. It's Not recommended By your laptop manufacturer

So it's better to install customized certified driver , dow​nload from manufacturer site