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[Solved] Intel(R) HD Graphics 630, 6-bit color, Windows 10 1803


Hi guys,

I am wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction regarding a weird issue that I got with my graphics settings.


- Computer: Dell OptiPlex 7050 MFF, i7-7700

- Monitor: Dell U3415W, 3440x1440, mDP

- Windows 10 1803

- Intel driver: 2018-04-25,


I am experiencing poor color depth. Pictures and web sites with gradient color transitions looks very choppy, as if the dolor depth is less than Windows 10's default 32-bit mode. I have verified that this actually seems to be the case according to Windows advanced display settings which reports "Bit depth" as being "6-bit".


I have connected a Dell Precision 5520, i7-7820HQ (Intel HD 630) to the same monitor, installed with Windows 10 1803, using a driver from 2017. This machine is seemingly reproducing correct color depth. Windows advanced display settings reports "Bit depth" as being "8-bit" and color gradients have a much smoother transition.

Update: I rolled back the driver version to "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, 2006-06-21, 10.0.17134.1" which did the trick. Colors are much better and the bit depth is now 8-bit however, this version does not seem to support sound via DisplayPort which is required for the built-in monitor speakers to work.


I ended up installing the same driver version that was Installed on the 5520 and that worked (2017-04-21, It is definitely a driver issue.


- Are there any known issues with the latest driver?

- Do anyone else have similar issues using Intel HD 630 graphics card?

- Will available RAM make a difference since it is shared memory?

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Hello Interwebz,


Thank you for contacting us.


Before starting, please uninstall manually all the graphic drivers (OEM and Intel®) from device manager. Once that you delete them and the basic display driver is exposed, please reboot the computer and check again device manager to make sure that you got rid of them. Please do it while you have no internet access.


Since you own OEM Motherboard, the first thing to do will be updating the OEM customized drivers for your machine, found here:


You will need to look for the Intel HD Graphics 510 / 530 / 630 Driver released back in 27 Apr 2018, located as the second option from the bottom up.


If that does not give you positive results, please uninstall them again following the same exact process and then go ahead and perform a manual installation of the drivers by following the instructions on this video:


The content on the above site is not controlled by Intel. This information is offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel for the merchants or services offered there.


Here you will find the latest drivers for your unit for you to re-install them:



I hope to hear from you soon, please let us know the outcome


Best Regards,


Diego S.




None of the OEM drivers or the latest Intel driver for that matter works for me. I have just verified it. They all give the same result. The display ends up showing 6-bit and poor color reproduction. I even downloaded the latest A07 driver CAB from here which contains an older driver from 2017. This does not work either.

What works is Microsofts default driver but it does not provide audio via DisplayPort. I have now reverted back to Dell's Precision 5520 OEM driver version This works as intended all though the driver is a bit old.

My issue is resolved with this workaround but obviously it would be nice to have an update driver from this year. Nevertheless, I will mark this as resolved now.



Thanks. It turns out that the new Dell XPS 15 has the same issue. New Intel Driver don't work, but installing an older intel driver (not from Dell) does work.


DestinyC which driver version works for you?


Hello everyone,

I would like to provide an update on the latest status of this issue.

I'm happy to report that we finally have a fix for this issue checked-in our latest (internal) driver build. At this point we're just making sure it goes through sufficient quality testing, but it is closer to public release.

The fix should be included in driver build 100.6389 and higher. As soon as I have a release estimate or further news I'll update this thread /thread/120305

Once again, thank you for your patience while we worked on this issue.

Best Regards,

Ronald M.


The version that works is win64_24.20.100.6229, but on the Dell XPS 15 2018, this driver is unstable. (Blue screen, not a big surprise, the driver is older than the laptop)


If I do DTP/photoshop work, I install this driver. After that I reinstall the latest driver again.

@Ronald_Intel Great to hear that you are (near) to fix this issue!


I can confirm the issue is NOT fixed in 100.6389.


I own a SurfaceBook2 (13" / i7 / intel uhd 620 and nvidia GTX 1050) that I use with a Dell 3415W... which work fine and in full color on my win10 pro 1803 with intel drivers. In oct2018 I paused win updates which meant the Surface driver packages got paused as well. Last weekend I finally took the plunge and upgraded to 1809 only to be confronted with a useless 6bit monitor driven by the 100.6389... So after a day of research and a few hours with Surface support... I decided to revert to 1803.


A bit of digging reveals that Microsoft included the 100.6389 drivers in the Oct2018 Surface driver sets. (both for win10 1803 and 1809)...


What complicates matters is Intel's switch from Legacy to the DCH drivers that require the igxpun.exe installer...

The Surface update will not show the installer in the programs list.. so it cannot be uninstalled. And it cant be replaced by the generic drivers as these refuse to install and just refer to the OEM. Talk about a rock and a hard place.


Regards, Jurgen





Is there any update from Dell for this issue? I found out that Intel released the fix, but unfortunately us Dell users, cannot install intel drivers directly from the website as their are marked as incompatible, and we need a dell version with this base.