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System not working after updating drivers



yesterday i bought new GPU Asus Rog Strix Rx570 O4G alongside new PSU unit Seasonic S12 III 650W and attached them to my current Intel motherboard B150-HD3 DDR3-CF (i5 6600 CPU) which apparently support this GPU

I tried updating just Graphics driver and PCI express port but i couldn't find any of those drivers for this motherboard. Non of offered GPU drivers for this motherboard work for win 8.1

I also tried updating Intel Management Engine Driver (for win 8 and win 10) for above mentioned B150 chip which led to system to freeze on startup after restart (no hardware errors, successfully starts the startup). I had to restore previous system state to start it up properly. I'm still unable to use my new GPU or update processor drivers

Is there any version of driver that could possibly work? (I do not plan to switch to win10)

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You should be starting with the graphics driver package that Asus provides for this card (here: After that, you may be able to update to AMD's later driver releases.

Hope this helps,