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Texture with holes bug -DirectX




My laptop specs are:

CPU: intel i3-6006U 2ghz

RAM: 4gb DDR4

GPU: intel hd graphics 520 (integrated)

OS: normally I use windows7-x86, but I have tried others to make sure it's not OS problem, win7-x64, win10-x64.

Current display driver: win32_15.45.31.5127.exe (latest as of April 11, 2020)


A few games that I have use textures with holes, instead of showing holes as empty it shows it as black.

See the attached pictures and example program itself.

11111.png       show configuration of the little demo I made to show the bug,

                           the blacks of the front picture should not be drawn,

good_1.png     shows how it should be, and how it is on other computers I tried

bad_1.png      shows how it is on my laptop with intel hd 520

bad_2.png      shows the bad result in a game because of this bug, those blacks around grass should not be there,

                           and they are not on other computers I tried.        contains the little demo shown in good_1 and bad_1 pictures, for you to try.


Can I please have a fix for this ?

Be safe.

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