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UHD Graphics 620 driver issues


I have an HP pavillion with UHD Graphics 620 / Nvidia GeForce 940MX with 16 Gb of ram.  When I purchased the laptop it seemed more than powerful enough to hand my graphics needs.

Now installing Roblox Studio it gives me a warning that my drivers need updating.  I updated the Nvidia driver, but the UHD Graphics 620 said it had the most recent drivers.  When I look at the date on the driver is says June 2018.  I see several other drivers up till late 2020 but for what ever reason it wont acknowledge the later version.  

I have OpenGL version 4.5 and directX version 12.

I'm not sure why its not ackowledigng 2 years of available drivers, and concerned if I manual force the upgrade that it would cause another conflict.

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There might be plenty of updates from Intel, but laptops with dual graphics solutions often require modified drivers and thus you should stick with the drivers provided by the laptop manufacturer. If you are encountering software that is saying an update is required (or at least recommended), you need to contact the laptop manufacturer's support desk and find out (a) whether they plan any subsequent releases and (b) whether the drivers are actually modified. If they are not modified, you have the option of upgrading to the latest offered on the Intel site (version, dated 1/20/21 and available for download here:

The same goes for the NVIDIA drivers as well.

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