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What is the real meaning of an integrated graphics processor?


I was looking up the specifications of a central processing unit I needed to buy for an upgrade and then I noticed that in the product description of the processor they had indicated Intel HD Graphics 500. This raises the question of how can an onboard iGPU be switchable unless the graphics processor is inbuilt into the CPU itself.

So my questions are:

  • Does changing a processor change the iGPU if its CPU inbuilt?
  • How do you know if your onboard graphics processor is on the motherboard or inside the CPU?

I also noticed several websites associating certain processors with the onboard graphics processor, for example an i7-3770 uses an Intel HD graphics 4000 and an i5-3570 uses an Intel HD Graphics 2500. So if a user decides to remove the i5 and replace it with the i7 will the graphics change too? Website

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1- Yes, changing the processor would most of the times change the iGPU controller you have... (the iGPU is integrated into the CPU package)... but... different CPUs may have the same graphics controller (iGPU)... you want to compare the CPU specs to determine which iGPU they have...


2- For desktops... very old systems used to come with a CPU without iGPU, since the Graphics chip was built into the motherboard... You can use Intel website to check... type in the CPU model an if you see a tab named "Processor Graphics" then you know it comes with iGPU...


Newer CPU models have an "F" at the end SKU which means they don't have a iGPU ...

In the Server field, I still see many Server boards that come with a basic Graphics chip to provide basic display capabilities since many of the CPUs for Servers don't come with iGPU... (high GPU capabilities is not one of the "highest priorities" in Enterprise environments...)


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