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When I switch monitor inputs, and switch back, there is no signal from CPU Integrated Graphics HDMI


My setup is that I have 3 DELL 2721QS monitors, two are connected to a 1030 graphics card, the other is connected to the HDMI port on an Intel 630 UHD integrated graphics. all on HDMI 1 on the monitors.

In HDMI 2 on the monitors I have a MAC connected with 3 Thunderbolt to HDMI cables.

I am using Dell Display Manager short cuts to switch between the two inputs.

This works fine for the two inputs connected to the 1030 graphics card, but when I switch away from the HDMI 1 connected to the PC through the Intel integrated graphics, then switch back, there is no signal. It's like the HDMI port goes to sleep, and I have to disconnect then connect the HDMI cable to wake it up again.

I have tried a few BIOS settings, like disabling RC6, and I have set my power consumption settings on the PC to High Performance in case it is sleeping the integrated GPU somehow.

What else can I try to stop the HDMI port on the intel integrated graphics GPU from sleeping?

Thanks in advance!

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