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Which Intel HD GPU models support 8K monitor (e.g. Dell UP3218K) via dual-displayport 1.4 cable?


The Dell UP3218K 8K monitor uses TWO Displayport 1.4 cables to deliver its 8K 60Hz using a technique called MST and DisplayID.


The technique is described in this VESA document at page 10 for instance, also mentioned by Nvidia here ("7680x4320 at 60 Hz RGB 8-bit with dual DisplayPort connectors").


Which Intel HD graphics versions support this MST-DisplayID tiling feature, so that I can connect this 8K monitor to TWO of that laptop's displayport?


(..which is provided via its two USBC-Thunderbolt3 connectors, e.g. via an USBC-Displayport adapter or via the Displayport output on two Akitio Node Pro:s





A bit of own followup:


7:th gen mobile is Displayport 1.2, I think those are too old for 8K@60Hz dual cable, I think that support started around Displayport 1.3-1.4.


8:th and 9:th gen mobile is still Displayport 1.2 only, duh.


There is an announcement here saying that the upcoming Intel Ice Lake CPU:s will have Displayport 1.4 support.. so.. that's it, CPU:s released to market late 2019 will have the support, or?


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The current Intel graphics controller supports 4k@60Hz (, for the Intel® Ice Lake processors we cannot comment about on non-release products.



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