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Why is it not possible to install the generic driver on Latitude 5590


Why is it not possible to install the generic driver on Latitude 5590? The one provided by Dell lacks Vulkan support since the latest version.


When will you start providing graphics drivers that can be installed on any laptops. The situation is extremely annoying - you provide a GPU that lacks proper driver support because your driver cannot be installed and the OEM doesn't care to update their driver after the hardware gets released.

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Dell is solely responsible for supporting your laptop. The drivers provided by Dell, which you should be using, are modified/customized by Dell (or their contractor) to use features in their hardware. Using the Intel generic drivers will likely create a loss of functionality. And, this is especially important if you have dual or hybrid graphics, as the switching required is part of that customization.


If you have a problem with Dell not having the latest driver, talk to them. If they are not supporting you, talk to them. As I said, Dell is solely responsible for support of your laptop, not Intel.


If Dell does not support you and your laptop, do not purchase Dell in the future. It is as simple as that.


By the way, I am using the intel generic driver on my dell just to test and experience any issues.




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Summarizing it in general,


  1. If you have a laptop with hybrid (Intel+NVIDIA or Intel+AMD) HD graphics, do not use the generic drivers off the Intel (or NVIDIA or AMD) site.
  2. If you have a laptop with only Intel HD Graphics, check with your laptop manufacturer before using the generic drivers.
  3. Laptop manufacturers are solely responsible for the products that they sell - and this includes the drivers for the included hardware. If you have problems with their overall graphics solution, you need to contact your laptop manufacturer. They are responsible and they are the conduit back to Intel for issues in the driver.