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Wow Text Issues with Iris Xe Graphics


I'm having the same problem as listed here:

Additional Rare errors:

- However, I also noticed that there's also a rare square of the world's land showing up as black occassionally (perhaps from trying to calculate a cloud's effect on it and failing?).

- Also, I noticed rarely there would be a white bar running through the title's of things like shops and mailboxes.


Attempted Solution:

I followed all the steps listed by @Jose_V_Intel, updating the driver (after reverting to the Microsoft driver), and reinstalling the game without any addons.

The problem persists.

Note: I used the latest driver instead of what was posted at the time (igfx_win_100.9684).


Then, I found this Reddit post:


Working solution:

Switching from DirectX 12 to DirectX 11 worked for me. 


I did not test the other Reddit suggestions.



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Hello chan1011,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  

I do appreciate the information provided and also the steps that helped you fix the issue. This information will help anyone that is facing the same issue as you.

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