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connecting my laptop to tv


I have a new DELL laptop with 1920/1080p resoulotion

and i want to connect it to the TV via hdmi cable.

in one tv - philips 46pfl660h the tv shows "video format not supported"

i tried to chage display settings in the laptop and when i lowered the hz to 29hz it workes in poor qualty

(both laptop and tv screens worked together. when i wanted the tv screen to work alone it failed and show the

same "video format not supported" message.

on the other tv (also philips) the tv was flickered till i lowered the hz and i sucseed to view only via tv.

I also tried on other tv (older then the philips) and it worked good with 1080/1920 60hz..

before that, my last laptop workes perfectly with hdmi (1366/768) but the tv got 1920/1080

cause i chosed to view only by it. (one screen)

that's my graphic card:

what can i do to make it work?

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Community Manager

Hello, odedc.



Thank you very much for taking the time to reach the Intel® Communities Team.



I understand you are facing some problems when connecting your DELL™ laptop to your Phillips* 46PFL660H TV. I will be more than glad to assist you further.



In this case, you can perform a manual installation of the graphics drivers for your system. In order to achieve so, please download the latest graphics drivers by clicking here. Then, to complete the installation follow this link:



Please share with us the results.




Antony S.
Community Manager

thanks for the reply.

i downloaded the last 620 graphic driver from intel site but when i installed it windows was rejecting it.

i downloaded again from DELL site and i sucseed to install version number

i connected the laptop to hdmi in one PHILIPS tv and i sucseed to change it to 60HZ with no problem.

the other PHILIPS tv is damaged right now so it doesn't matter

thank you for your help.