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Estou com um problema no meu PC ,

OptiPlex 780

Etiqueta de serviço: 154LNQ1

sistema de operaçao windows 7 64bits original de fabrica, fiz um upgrade para o win10, mas nao estou conseguindo atualizar os driveres de graficos dele, intel(R) Q45/Q43... pois o sistema da Dell fala que o mesmo nao é compativel com o produto. oferecem os driveres mas para sistemas windows 7 64bits.

O que devo fazer, voltar para o win7? ou tem uma soluçao para esse problema?

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That Service Label is only important to Dell.

The Q45/Q43 chipset is long discontinued.   On Windows 10, you will have no Intel driver provided for graphics.   All you will have is the Microsoft Generic graphics driver, which lacks features and performance.


Since you have a desktop, you can try an add an older nvidia card, which still has a current driver.  You can consult with Dell for assistance with that.


Or, you can take your machine to the recycle center.  A machine as old as yours needs to be replaced with a new(er) machine that is supported by Windows 10.


And, you may want to consider the future.  Windows 11 will have hardware requirements that will prohibit it from running on a lot of current hardware, so plan accordingly if you see Windows 11 in your future.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Windows 11 is the new Vista]

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