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grafica intel iris xe


tengo un problema mi iris xe graphics no corre ningun juego que no este muy optimizado muy mala tiene 124mb en la tarjeta de video y busque en google y me sale que tiene mas.  Mas encima no hay mucha información de esta tarjeta grafica muy mala no la recomiendo para nada en un portatil


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It seems you misunderstood the concept about that "124MB" of video RAM...


To be clear, Intel integrated graphics do not come with video memory instead, they use shared (regular) memory from the system (RAM). The GPU does not have dedicated memory, so what you saw on Google was most likely referring to a maximum memory limit or something similar (unless of course, we're talking about the newest discrete Intel GPUs which do come with dedicated VRAM)


The intel gpus uses shared memory that will be allocated automatically depending on various factors and that is controlled by the OS.

The VRAM is usually limited by the OS to one-half of the system's memory and allocated under OS control. If you want to increase VRAM, you need to increase the system's RAM.


Now, if a game is telling you that there is not enough VRAM to run (saying that 124mb is not enough), this is most of the times caused by old games that are poorly programmed to run on newer platforms, or due to bugs that their developers didn't fix because they discontinued support of the said games...

From the intel website:

Intel graphics driver will report 128 MB of fictitious Dedicated Video Memory for compatibility with applications that don’t correctly comprehend a fully unified memory architecture


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