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i can't set 4k resolution for my external monitor (TV)


Hello 🙂

i would like to ask if is normal that when i set on windows 10 "duplicate screen" i can't have full resolution screen on my 4k tv, i have to accept the cropt version because i see segnal at 1080p considering the fact that my main monitor is 1080p on the notebook.

that is what i see:

Tv :4k screen (result to be cutted on top and below) ;

Notebook : 1080p

result to be ok.

I would like to have both right but don't look to be possible !

I'm able to watch the full screen in good window mode only if i set "second monitor" and i set 4k resolution for that.

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If you are duplicating a screen, then the resolution of that screen is going to be used. That's a hard and fast rule. If you want to use that TV/monitor's full resolution, you have to run it independently (use Extend these Displays, for example).