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i was told by phone all i had to do was ask for a update drive i can get one all i had to do is ask


l was told this days ago that they know longer support the Intel® Core™ i3-550 Processor they told me to email here so I can get a update driver for windows 10 64 bit now l got a email telling me they no longer support the intel® Core™ i3-550 Processor l know this days ago . l was told I can get a update driver from support all I had to do was ask on here and i'm being told one thing on the phone and a 2 things by email it should not matter if there is a update driver for my pc I should get it or it should be some where in the internet so i can get it and i did try that

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There is no updated DRIVER for windows 10. PERIOD.

Even for Windows 7, the lastest driver is from 2013.


You need to stop with this and stay with your other thread.




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Al is correct; Intel never provided Windows 10 drivers for the 1st generation Core processors. The only driver available to support this processor on Windows 10 is Microsoft's compatibility driver. As you may have found, this driver is providing compatibility only; its performance is not the best and its support for access protocols (like OpenGL) is generations old.


Your best bet at this point is to retire this hardware and purchase something more modern. We realize that this is a big investment, since it also means replacing your motherboard and memory, but there are simply no other alternatives (other than, say, some flavor of Linux).