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ig9icd32.dll, ig8icd32.dll, ig75icd32.dll error

Hello, This is Steve, from Korea Intellectual Property Office.

For patent application, we provides some software.

Those software have some problems after MS windows recent updates(Nov, 2016 / Feb, 2017) which include Intel Graphic Driver update.

When we try to run our software, it doesn't show up.

We can see it runs in our Windows' task manager, but we can not see the program. It only exists in task manager.

We have tried to figure out what was the problem and there maybe some problem with Intel Graphic Drivers(some specific files)

The driver information which causes these problems are Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400, 4600, 5500, 510, 520, 530, 620 and so on. Versions are xx.xx.xx.4534 and over.

and Intel's files which have problems are ig75icd32.dll, ig8icd32.dll and ig9icd32.dll. These result may not be correct, because it comes from our tests.

I think there is some bugs with those files when they call the ntdll.dll.

Here is a screen capture of debugging log.

You can check the "Access Violation" exception at the end of log.

After starting "ig9icd32.dll" thread, ntdll.dll throws the exception "Access Violation"

I already googled and searched in this community. (In intel community, more than 70 discussions about similar problem were posted)

And I could find some postings in stackoverflow, github, and reddit, too.

Most of the answer was, keep my driver up-to-date. or try the beta version.

I already did all and, it doesn't work.

So, How can I solve this problem?

Since there are lots postings bout this problem in Intel Community, maybe Intel know the problem.

When will it be fix?

And I have an another question.

usually, most of the dll files are located in system folders(system32 or syswow64) and loaded from there.

however, why ig9icd32.dll file is located in some specific folder? (system32/Drivestore/FileRepository/igdlh64.inf_amd64_eb6d5c41a8316031) and loaded from there?

If you have any solutions for this problem, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: ig9icd32.dll, ig8icd32.dll, ig75icd32.dll error

Hello wanna,



Thank you for contacting the Intel community.



Is there any way that you can change the OpenGL 2.0 to GL 1.4 to see what will be the result



Perhaps you can try installing the Intel® graphics driver manually, I apologize if you already try this.



Please check Uninstalling the Intel® Graphics Driver and Intel® Display HDMI/Audio Driver and see how to Manually Install an Intel® Graphics Driver in Windows® 10 and Windows 8*/8.1*



If there is no way to change the OpenGL and installing the driver manually gives the same problem, then I will appreciate if you could fill out the information at the following link for further investigation.












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Re: ig9icd32.dll, ig8icd32.dll, ig75icd32.dll error

Thank you for your quick reply.

My test PC for this problem has Intel HD Graphics 530 and its OpenGL version is 4.4.0

And I was trying to change it, however, I have no idea. I could not find anyway to change it.

So, I am going to attach my test PC's information.



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Brand : Samsung.

Model : DB400T6B-G22/C

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Re: ig9icd32.dll, ig8icd32.dll, ig75icd32.dll error

Hello wanna,



I sent you a private message.









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Re: ig9icd32.dll, ig8icd32.dll, ig75icd32.dll error

I am still seeing a similar issue in the recently released driver version Are there any updates on this issue? Thanks.

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