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monitor changing color temperature under certain conditions


Hi, I got a color shifting problem. The colors of my entire screen switch suddenly to a greener\ yellowish tint most of the time.

I bought recently a new screen and because of a hardware issue I got it changed already (I had some lines showing up on the first screen) but the color problem persist in both monitors.

The strange behaviour disappears sometimes but I still don't get what triggers it.

One example is when I hide all the icon of my desktop the colors get back to normal but whenever there is anything else on the desktop the problem shows up again. Other example: when I play a videogame and I am for example on a menu, if I highlight something in the menu (for example start new game) the problem could be gone, but when I highlight something else the problem comes back.


Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

I've the latest windows update, graphic card driver, monitor drivers. I also tried to uninstall the graphic card driver and put an older one. I've tried 3 different hdmi cable. I've tried the display port as well.


I've also noticed that when I put my screen at 50 hz instead of 60hz the shift in colors is much less.


in the video attached to this post you can see that whenever I move up and down the window the color shifts.



Btw I have a


MSI Laptop GV62 7RE

i7 7700HQ

16 gb Ram

intel graphics HD 630

Geforce GTX 1050Ti

monitor Viewsonic VP2458

windows 10 64 bit (build 18363)

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You likely need a better quality video cable.