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on task bar got intel rapid storage technology but i also have this word "iastorican" with green check mark, and

i'm going to give as much information I have found in the last week or so. should help you with my problem. that is fixing this intel so it will work right. and how to delete those events.

then there is another check mark on internet explorer, but 10 days ago this check mark (which was companied by a "universal serial bus controllers) was on my printer. now if it is on IE. and i'm having a really bad time with storage. it has stopped and has almost 6000 events frozen. but when I tried to check for an up date, which I have never done since early 2012 when I got this PC, and again I ran into a brick wall.

the software was written by someone else, when running a system identification utility ran into motherboard manufacturer name: not detected. then today I got it in writing.

printed it. I've got all kinds of different of paper work put don't know how to up load them and not sure it would help. and the screen shot of the intel and IE with the check mark. but I don't know how to enlarge it anyway, something that would need to be done cause. writing to small. feel free to write back if any questions. thank you for your time ans do have a pleasant evening

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Hello woodcutter,

My recommendation is to contact our chat support at Contact Support, so they can isolate issue.



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