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what type of grafic card is good for high level game

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This is really something you should research on the net. Intel graphcs work for a number of games, but is built-in with your processor. You may want to look at


If you want to select an add-on graphics card, is a good place to look at for comparisions.. Of course, this is if you device is a desktop.




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The question is not clear.


You should mention what kind of games are you planning to play in your system.


If you want to play High end, latest PC games with high graphics settings, You need to have a separate powerful GPU for that. quickpayportal


If you are referring to casual gaming, like old games, and you are ready to sacrifice fps or graphics, you still can't play well with Intel HD Graphics 😄 Intel HD integrated GPUs are mainly focused to provide graphics support for low level multimedia uses like movies, flash players and can only play really old games, before 2010.

So, in case if you want to play casual, old games with a bit of a loss in fps, I'd still suggest you to get a medium range AMD APU. If you are planning a laptop, You'd get one witha decent GPU for 40k. If you are planning to get only a CPU-Mobo configuration, I'd suggest you an AMD APU, orrrrr.... Intel i5 is good.. Do try to get the best edition of the i5s out there 😄


Happy Gaming!!


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