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why wont my graphics device intialize?


Hi, currently stuck at my parents house and thus their computer. In the past i have never had an issue with the computer, but now, whenever i try to boot up a game, it tells me that the graphics device could not be initialized. Now the computer they have is a standard laptop, with an Integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 , nothing special. Its current version is, which i believe is from october 2018. Whenever I go to update the driver, it tells me that it is up to date, yet when I go on the Intel website, theres a myriad of downloads, but none of some say they are compatible with my device. I've made sure the computer itself is completely up to date, and that has not fixed anything, and I dont want to do anything that could break the computer, so does anyone have any potential solutions for this issue?



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That is a pretty old version of the graphics driver. A newer driver package on the laptop manufacturer's web site should be the first thing to look for.


If the driver package on the laptop manufacturer's site is equally old, you can get the latest driver package from the Intel site -- but understand that, if the drivers have been customized by the manufacturer, you will lose the special features enabled by these modifications. Checking with their Customer Support is an appropriate move at this point.


If you want to try the latest from Intel, it can be downloaded from here: Download the executable and run it. You should reboot at the end.


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I suggest to perform clean installation of the latest driver:

  1. Disconnect the internet.
  2. Open the Display Adapter section in Device Manager and right click on Intel(R) HD Graphics 620. Select Uninstall device (check the "Delete ..." option).
  3. Reboot your computer. You should see Microsoft Basic Graphics Driver in the Device Manager.
  4. Install the previously downloaded driver Version:
  5. Reconnect the internet and reboot your computer.




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