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A770 - Random game crahes Intel ARC Driver:


I installed the Intel ARC driver Version yesterday, and since then an I had an unusual number of random game crashes.

AC Valhalla crashed on multiple occasions today, and it did not do so before, same with Modern Warfare(2019) and Modern Warfare II(2022), in MW1 a could not even load a savegame before the game threw me back to the desktop.


I rolled my driver back to, which seems to have fixed the issues.

My question would be, if anyone else had these kind of issues with version

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Hello ThorVexx, 


Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support for graphics. 


We are sorry to hear you experience problems game crashes after driver update for Intel® Arc™ A770 Graphics. We are glad to assist.  


Please try Clean Installation of Intel® Graphics Drivers in Windows ((manual step by step walkthrough click here) or checkmark the box from the downloaded .exe driver installer window)

Intel® Graphics Driver (download click here)


Check any game updates. 

What is the game/program Quality (Low, Medium, High, Ultra), resolution, Vsync (on/off), Display (Fullscreen/ Windowed / Borderless Windowed), API used? 

What is the game/program Distribution Service the game ( Blizzard, Epic, Origin, Steam, Xbox, Ubisoft connect)? 

If the system includes onboard graphics, try it with integrated graphics lowest configuration for testing/reproduction of the problem, does it happen? 

If you have an available 3rd party dedicated graphics card AMD/NVIDIA, does the problem happen as well? 

What is the step-by-step for reproduction purposes? 


Please download, run and reply back attaching the .txt file of the tool Intel® System Support and a graphics report (For download go the link ). 


Follow the website instructions to Generate a kernel or complete crash dump, and the file can be found at %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.dmp 



Thank you for choosing Intel. 


Best regards, 


Luis A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician.  


Hello ThorVexx, 


Thank you for the updated information.


Upon checking, I wonder if you require further assistance? 

Best regards, 


Luis A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician.