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Driver optimization and integrated tools


Good day



I want to share my graphics card experiences with you, I run
a Fujitcu Celcius R670-2 with Windows 11 Pro for Workstations.
With a monitor from Dell S2721DGF with 165HZ and AMD Freesync Premium pro.
I have had some graphics cards RTX 2080 ti and AMD 5700 xt lucy liu so far and wanted to know the differences to AMD and Geforce and sold them all a week before the crypto crisis and therefore had none because the prices had to skyrocket I had to get an AMD 5500XT luckily I got it for a good price!
And in hindsight I learned to appreciate them, why?!
Because it turns out that with the constant AMD updates, I can run the graphics card on an older workstation in games like Metro Exodus at 80 fps!
AMD has tools built into its software that are unique, Radeon Super Resolution and Radeon Boost etc plus I can increase the power limit to plus 20%.
This leads to a great gaming experience even though I don't have a resizable bar

Why am I writing this now because I'm interested in the Intel Arc 770 but don't want to run the latest CPUs.
Driver optimization and integrated tools are important to get more performance out of it.


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I think some sort of booster rather than focusing on Resizable BAR would be a solution.


1.)By the way, there is a video on Youtube where a guy has a program where you can run older graphics cards with Resizable Bar.


2.) Maybe directly via the Random-access memory as I show from the pictures with Samsung!

This would encourage customers to buy a new graphics card for older PCs because many still have an older PC. Which is not from 2021.


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