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Handbrake AV1 Intel Arc Hardware Encoding Issue - Rectangular artifacts appearing in converted video


EDIT: Just realised this is the gaming forum, not solely for Intel Arc hardware. Reposted in the correct board.


Hi all,


I'm using an Intel Arc A750 on Windows 11 (also tried using Windows 10) and when converting videos from H264 to AV1 using QSV hardware encoding in Handbrake there are rectangular (typically blue in colour) artifacts appearing all over the converted video.


This used to work perfectly fine with 4125 beta drivers (and I'm sure a number of others, but 4125 is currently what I'm using on a spare SSD and can confirm these work without any issues). It appears this issue started one or two releases after these drivers were released. Using the current 4314 WHQL and 4335 Beta drivers this issue occurs.


I've tried every possible setting in Windows, Handbrake and FFmpeg and have narrowed down the issue to definitely being an issue with the drivers.


I know Intel are aware of an issue with Topaz Video AI and artifacts and the artifacts that appear within the converted files of that application are the same as how mine look within Handbrake.


Could this please be investigated?



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