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3PDS questions


Our understanding

1. As per our study and according we "have" to use Intel AMT Username/Password (UPW) for all the operations for 3P Data Storage and Agent Presence.

2. Whatever we understand till now is that the Certificates are supplement and not alternative to the UPW.

3. This makes usage of UPW inevitable. In effect, 3P products like us will have to store the UPW for themselves, so that they can pass it to their client side agents in order to make use of AMT.

4. Currently, there are no standards for AV vendors to become AMT compatible.

Our conclusion

1. AMT is not for Desktop products. So, we cannot make use of AMT in our desktop products like Quick Heal AntiVirus, PCTuner, etc.

2. We need to manage password for all client machines

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Hi - we need to make sure we understand your questions (you may need to reply back if we aren't understanding them.)

1. AMT is very much for desktop products - AMT is available for integrating into management apps regardless of whether they are Mobile or Desktop.

2. If you are operating your AMT systems in Small Business mode then you need to have a way for your application to access the Username/Credentials (ie maybe you can store them in an SQL database or some other way.) If you are in Enterprise Mode using TLS then you have certificates for authentication and you would pass the 3PDS calls the secure URL rather than the SMB/Non-TLS URL.

Have you taken a look at the Manageabilty DTK source code which deals with the 3PDS feature?

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