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AES-NI Implementation in C++ helo


So I tried contacting Intel as I've not been able to find any doccumentation for implementing AES-NI into one of my apps I've been creating. I've found only 1 example of using AES-NI so far however it only seems to be for AES128 encrypting/decrypting.

As I'm new to using AES and only recently found out about the intel AES-NI stuff I'm unsure of how to go about getting the example changed to use AES-NI for 256-CBC encryption. I've already verified my CPU for testing the app supports AES-NI, and I've gotten a rough draft of handling if the app should use AES without acceleration or with acceleration through AES-NI.

I just can't seem to figure out what would need to be changed with the example to use AES-NI with 256-CBC. This is the current example I'm looking at:

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