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ByPass the BIOS password from Linux management to Window system


>Hi all.

I want to describe information about my application on Linux management:

Purpose: I want to bypass the BIOS password from Linux system to Window system. Following functional:

 1. Check power State of vPro system:

     + Reference url (

     + I have implemented' CIM_AssociatedPowerManagementService.PowerState' object to get powerState of vPro system. 

2. Change powerState (PowerOn) vPro system:

     + Reference url       (

     + Retrieve the instance of Cim_PowerManagementService and call this method Cim_PowerManagementService.RequestPowerStateChange with  following parameters:

  • powerState: One of the defined power states
  • Managed Element: A reference to the "managed system" object
  • Time: NULL
  • TimeoutPeriod: NULL

3. Problem:

   + Currently, the state of the option [PowerOn password] in vPro BIOS configuration must be "ON" (required).

   + When vPro is turned on, it requires user to input [PowerOn password] and i have to input the password manually. So my question here is:

   - Can I set the [PowerOn password] in the PowerManagementService object so when i use my application to turn on vPro, it will bypass the input [PowerOn password] screen and instantly move to the log in screen of the OS ? Is there any other way to bypass this input [PowerOn password] screen ?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi all,

Anyone, Please help me resolve this issue !


Thank you for your help.

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