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Can't find SOL port

I have got several DELL Optiplex 780 with MEBEX und also another DELL T1600 computer with MEBEX 7. xx. - all with windows 7 prof.

IAMT is in SMB Mode.

We I open Manageability Commander Tool and want to takeremote access to one of the Optiple 780 a connection is established an I could open the window "Managebility Terminal Tool". In there I could reboot the system, even reboot into bios.

But I found no way to use the serial agent e. g. "process explorer".
When I click on the "process explorer" (or the other items mentioned there) the windows ist "empty".

Also when I open the Opost Tool on the remote computerand try co connect, the connection fails.
It says: "Local Connection to Intel AMT failed Check that the computer support drivers & password"

When I again open the Opost Tool -> Serial Agent Tab and there try to enable the "serial over lan agent"
I get the message "unable to find intel amt sol port". Looking into the windows 7 device manager I see "Intel Active Management Technology - SOL (COM3).

This is the same with allo Optiplex 780 and also the newer DELL T1600 with IAMT version 7.xx

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Hi - there may be many issues here. Let's start with the outpost. The outpost tool runs on the local AMT Client, not on the remote system. Anytime you want to run Local AMT operations, you must have the LMS service installed on the AMT Client. Is this the case? Remote APIs work without the LMS software but local APIs will not. You also need to have the HECI, or MEI driver installed on your AMT client. Could you verify that all the required software is installed. It would also be good to verify that you have the latest firmware on your system - you should be able to check the DELL website for downloads that are applicable to your systems.
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