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How to remotely set AMT IP Address Settings

We currently ship an appliance built on an Intel DQ965GF motherboard using Intel AMT 2.0. By default we provision AMT in Small Business mode during manufacturing and set AMT and the operating system IP settings to DHCP.

These appliances are deployed in large enterprise settings in a headless (no keyboard, monitor, mouse) configuration. We have developed a management application that allows for central management of all of the appliances. This application allows an end user to remotely set the IP settings for the operating system. We would like to extend this application to support modifying the network settings of AMT as well.

Typically the IP information is set during initial setup. At that time both the operating system and AMT are set to DHCP. Usually the user would like to set a static address during initial setup.

We know from the AMT SDK documentation that AMT will only function if the operating system and AMT are both DHCP or with two static IP addresses (one for the OS and one for AMT).

So my question is what is the best practice for remotely configuring AMT IP settings . Is the SDK capable of doing so with a system that already has AMT provisioned? Should we use a different approach and provision AMT on the fly during initial installation of the appliance? If so, what tools would allow us to extend our management application to do so?
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Hi There,

You are correct that if you need to set static IP for AMT, it has to be different from host static IP address. In order to configure the static IP for an AMT system remotely, you can use the "SetTcpIpParameters()" API that is defined in the network interface giude. Your management console can send a SOAP message using this API and configure the device remotely.

Hope this answers your question. Thanks for using the forum.

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