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How to send the "Alt" key in 'Manageability Terminal Tool' ?


Hello AMT tool developers,

I'm using your latest software (Manageability_Developer_Tool_Kit_0_6_08325_2.msi) to remote control our machines and it's working quite great so far.

I'm especially using it to run a diagnostics tool in order to check our hardware for failures.

This tool is a Fujitsu-Siemens specific tool and running in a FreeDOS environment, which can be found here:

The good news is that the console redirection does even work out of the box with it, but I need to press certain 'shortcuts' inside the diagnostics tool to access some features, e.g. Alt + C to select the menu point 'Current'. But each time I'm pressing the Alt key, your 'Manageability Terminal Tool' is catching it and gives focus to the menu of your tool instead of sending it via the serial console.

I tried all options under Terminal -> Special Key Translation but it hasn't changed anything.

I also tried putty as a another terminal client and the connection itself worked but I couldn't manage to get any function key working (even the ESC key didn't work trying all possible terminal settings in putty.)

So, is there any way that I can send such Alt + another key combinations via SOL ?

Thanks for your help.

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We are trying to find a solution for you.

In the meantime you may want to read these blogs:

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thanks for post

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