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How to specify conditional heart beat by specifying the monitoring process in Agent Sample.

Hi ,
We know that with watch dog concept we can monitor process.

With OutPost / OutPost configuration control we can add watch dogs
and we can specify the conditional heart beat by specifying the monitoring process.

We saw the code AgentSample() form SDK , here we can't able to specify the
conditional heart beat by specifying the monitoring process.

How to specify this configuration, please provide me information on this
or any example C++ code. with out this how it is possible to monitor the process.

Help on this would be great.

Thanks & Regards,
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I could be wrong, but I think the detail you are missing is that the DTK

sample uses a .net class to see if a particular process is running...

the agentsample code in the SDK does not do any such thing...

you will have to write your own code to

do that and put it in the agentsample.cpp code.

Please look over the code again carefully.

See the difference?

For cash I will write some code for you to do this... ;) ;)

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Hi Ravi,

John is right. Conditional heartbeat is a feature of Intel AMT Outpost, not of Intel AMT. If you want to monitor other application using your agent, you have to do it with your own software. Intel AMT Outpost process monitoring feature was really built for demonstrations, of course, you could easily run another application with the same name. In a really robust environment, each application would have it's own heartbeat.

Hope this helps,
Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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Hi Ravi,

Is Windows your target environment? If it is, you can use EnumProcesses API of MS Platform SDK to enumerate all running processes. If the process you are monitoring is in the enumerated processes you can send the heartbeat to the management console (AgentPresence in the AMT sample SDK)and if it's not running you can let it expire.

I hope this helps:-)

virtual walker

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