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How to use 'ReflashBios' feature of AMT to update the BIOS of Intel m/boards?


I have two Intel desktop boards with AMT: DQ965GF and DQ57TM and use SOAP-based access to the AMT features.

"Network Interface Guide" states, that 'RemoteControl' can be used to PowerUp/Reset the machine with 'ReflashBios' bit set. Description of 'ReflashBios' from the doc: "the boot block reflashes the BIOS on the next boot, using IDE redirection as the source of the BIOS image".

'GetRemoteControlCapabilities' returns ENABLED BiosReflash in OemDefinedCapabilities for the both m/boards.

I can't find the procedure of the BIOS update. "The boot block reflashes...": what is the boot block mentioned?. I tried to setup IDER-CD (with ISO-image, containing BIO-file from the motherboard downloads area) and powerUp by AMT with ReflashBios set. Nothing's happened.

I also tried to enter to the bios update by F7 with IDER-CD set; redirected CD drive doesn't listed in the possible sources of BIOS image (like as any hardware CD/DVD).

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Hi - I wanted you to know that I have seen this question but I'm going to have to do some research on it. Sorry for the delay.