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Intel FPT tool for Linux error 680 and 64



I have a problem with the FPT tool for Linux. I want to disable the Manufacture Mode of the ME.  Unfortunately I get the following error with the command FPT -closemnf NO. also an attempt to flash the BIOS ( FPT -f xx.bin ) brings the same error. 

I use the FPT version matching the installed ME version.


Intel (R) Flash Programming Tool Version:
Copyright (C) 2005 - 2021, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Error 680: Read MMIO failed.

Error 680: Read MMIO failed.

Error 64: Failed to initialize SPI interface.

FPT Operation Failed.


I have already tested different Linux versions. Debian 10 kernel 4.19. , Debain 11 kernel 5.10 , Ubuntu 16.4. unfortunately the same problem. 


at lspci -vvv i see the driver for HECI Controller is loaded. Kernel modules: mei_me


Basically I have also tested it with a Windows version. There everything worked. 

However, I need the Linux environment. 


Now the question . what is wrong ?  Bios setting , missing Linux kernel driver ? 


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