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Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Error


I have been experiencing persistent problems with my system (DVD drives not working, excessively long boot sequences etc) for some time now. A recent fresh install of Windows 7 seemed to do the trick but now the problem is back.

I have just noticed that the Intel Management Engine Interface is showing a yellow error

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Any ideas as to the cause

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I'm thinking that when you did your fresh re-install of Windows 7, you deleted the MEI driver.  If you click on the driver tab, you should be able to see what version of the driver is installed, if there is still one there.  At one point, Microsoft had an update for the MEI driver but I don't know if it is still part of their updates (have you installed all the updates after installing the OS?) 

You can go out to your OEM's website and download the latest MEI driver and see if the yellow bang goes away.  Let me know if this works.


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