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Intel SCS Setup Wizard 5.1 Release Now Available


Hey AMT Developers! I'm watching over the Forum this week. Has anyone downloaded the latest version of the SCS (version 5.1?) Well, check out this Setup Wizard!! (it works with the newSCS 5.1 version only.) And pleeeeeeeze don't forget to take our latest poll!



V 5.1.0983.1

Production release including version Intel Setup and Configuration binaries

  • Documentation and help file updates.
  • Added 64 bit support, including the 64 bit Microsoft* .NET* framework and integration of SCS 5.1 binaries.
  • Removed SQL* Management Studio*.
  • Added additional error recovery and error checking on various screens of the Wizard.
  • Various user interface improvements and defect fixes based on user feedback
  • Added error checking and additional options for IIS* page.
  • Added silent install feature using an answer file. The /silent=answerfile_path.txt command line parameter can be used to specify all options in an answer file. The answer file format can be found in the help content and the Automated Installation Guide.
  • Added additional options for Certificate Authority setup.
  • Added the option for installing and configuring DNS & DHCP (not just DNS from before).
  • Added SQL error checking and parameter verification, with disclaimer about the usage of SQL Express.
  • Added functionality to Active Directory* setup for creating the organizational unit, and making the schema extensions optional.

Get it Here: HTTP://

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