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Issue in Network boot while in SOL Redirection

Hi there,

I want to do network boot an AMT machine while in SOL Redirection. I start SOL redirection with normal boot, when the first screen apperas
1) I have option to press F4 or F12, I press F4,
2) a menu appears asking for network boot or harddisk boot.
3) I choose network boot.
4) Another screen appears which asks for F12 key, 5) I press F12 but it says "Exiting Intel boot Agent"

If I press F12 on the first screen then it directly goes on screen specified in 4th bullet and same problem happens.

I tried network boot on that AMT machine by sitting on that machine (not network SOL), it works.

I hv tried PXE boot option in RemoteControl() function it works (but u cannot have PXE boot and SOL together), but I want do network boot while in SOL Redirection.

I am using AMT Commander

AMT version is 2.1.3
I never updated firmware.

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Hi Sohaib,

I can't help much with firmware issues, I found that so many computers and BIOS are different, it's hard to keep track. I do have one suggestion. Go in Commander's terminal and "Custom command", then select ASF and PXE boot. I want you to try booting to PXE using that menu instead, if it works, just before typing this mail I unblocked the SOL feature in that dialog and it should allow you to perform a PXE boot with BIOS redirection. Just check that it solves your problem without redirection and I will issue a new release so you can do SOL redirection.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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