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KVM keyboard and mouse not working


I have KVM set up on a QM57 with a i7-620M and the video works fine but the keyboard and mouse both do not work. I tried using both the RealVNC Free Edition 4.1.3 viewer and the version in the SDK.

Any ideas?

When I look at the remote control section of the web interface it says "This computer does not support Remote Control Operations." Does this have something to do with it? I know it's refering to the ability to remotely turn the computer on and off but I hadn't seen that before.

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It is odd to have video but no keyboard or mouse; forgive me, but I have to ask the basic question... does the KVM window have "focus" i.e. is it the active window when you are testing?
Assuming the answer to the above question is "Yes, it has focus", have you tried to execute any of the samples that are in the SDK? (KVMControlApplication or KVMDefaultDesktop) Also, are you working with the latest SDK? Available at:
If none of the above solves your problem, please let us know what Motherboard or OEM system you are working with as well as how your keyboard and mouse are attached.
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