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ME Features on non-vPro laptops


I'm searching for a comprehensive list of, or links related to, ME features are available for Intel systems that don't have vPro. Specifically I have a set of HP Elitebook 720s, 740s, 820s, and 840s. I saw the post by Colleen Culbertson,  Intel AMT, ME, MEI, and Windows Instant On/Connected Standby/ where she said “Back in the old days, one only needed to think about ME (Intel® Manageability Engine) Firmware if one was using Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) on Intel® vProTM Technology systems.  But some form of ME is now found on most Intel client architecture based systems including the need for an interface driver between the OS and the hardware (previously called HECI, now called the MEI (Manageability Engine Interface) driver.) " This got me very curious about what I could do on my Intel laptops that aren't vPro. Can anyone point me to any resources related to this?

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