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Need help on AMT


Below are the primary queries from our side:

1> Is user name and password is required during reading and writing

data from 3PDS?

2> Is it possible to configure AMT machine remotely?

3> Is there any tool that can be used to read the data from 3PDS?

4> If there are N number of machines then we require to remember N

username-password pairs, How this problem is resolved in actual environment?

5> In enterprise mode, Is it compulsory to use security certificate?

6> Is it possible for a application to create two blocks having same name?

7> What are the best use of AMT for AntiVirus Softwares?

8> I think there is no backward compatibility for APIs(SDK 3.0 & 4.0),

How we can manage it?

9> Discovery of AMT device on N/W is very time consuming, How can we

optimize it?

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Hi There,

Sree is going to be sending you some links to where you can read more about AMT (the answers to all of your questions could become quite lengthy) In the mean time, I'll go a head and give you a few short answers:

1:When you register your storage block, you need to provide your AMT Credentials, whether they are Username and password, or certificate(s) - see this forum question for where to go to read more about the Storage Library.

2: Yes you can configure AMT remotely (in Enterprise Mode only). You should download the Intel Seteup and Config Server and look throught the Users guide in order to learn more about remote configuration and what is require.

5: You can provision your system in Enterprise Mode/ Non-TLS - for this mode you use digest authentication. You only need to use Server or Mutual Authentication if you are provisioning in Enterprise Mode with TLS.

8: Sree is going to refer you to a nice table at the bottom of the Network Interface guide that shows all of the APIs and which ones work with which version of AMT (some do get deprecated over time but there is most certainly backward compatibility - I am a little curious as to why you are thinking there is no backwards compatibility?)

9: I think (don't quote me) that one of the reasons that discovery can be time consuming is that it takes some time forone system to do a "ping" and for the other one to answer so the key to speeding this up would be to figuring out how to get the network to respond quickly to the "are you out there queries." It also seems that in a discovery, we are also calling AMT APIs in order to find out if the system is even AMT Capable - so that may take some time as well. This is a very good question and I have noticed this as well- let's see if Sree finds the answer to this one in her bag of answers. :-)

One of the things I wanted to point out as well for finding answers to your AMT Questions more quickly is that we have a search capability in the Forum so you can type in some keywords and chances are, your questions have already been asked and answered in the forum (Sree will probably be giving you some forum question links to look at.) and also you should check out our Manageability Blogs because often times we have already blogged about many of the questions our users have.

So there is my $0.03 - Sree will be adding on to this as well.

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Hi I was just wondering if there was any update on these question, getting close to release dates any immediate help would be great.
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I had responded to your question; but it seems that it got lost during the site upgrade. Sorry for that. Here are my answers:
3. There is no 3rd party tool available for doing this. Similar question can be found in this post.
4. Please find the answer to this question here
7. Agent Presencefeatureenables Management Console applications to configure Intel AMT devices to monitor for the presence of software agents such as Anti-Virus and Firewall applications running on the Intel AMT system platform.

Another feature that you could make use of is the System Defense feature; which allows a Management Console application to define and enforce network security policies.

8. Please refer to the new and deprecated API table under section 11 (page 419) in the Network Interface Guide included in the SDK

9. No Gael, i don't have a better answer for this.

In general you can read more about AMT in the following documents:

Strat Here Guide

Network Interface guide and Storage Design guides included in the SDK



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