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Need some help


Hi Ajith Illendula,

Thanks for your support. But i could nt sort it out the problem.

Please help me in answering the following questions ...

I have a vPro machine with " Intel Active Management Technology 2.1.0 in Bios ". My System BIOS configuration screen is different from the example
screen in the intel web site (screen from the Link that you recommended last time).

The configuration what i made through the BIOS of Intel AMT Configuartion is Exactly shown below

Intel Management Engine Configuration
Management Feature
Turn on Intel ME in sleep state
Intel ME After Power Failure
Idle Time Out [0]

Intel Active Management Technology Configuration
ComputerName vPro
TCP IP Configuration
Domain Name

DHCP Enabled []
IP Address
Gate Way Address
PreFerred DNS Address x.x.x.x
Alternate DNS Address x.x.x.x

Provisioning Configuration
Provisioning Mode
Compatibility Mode

SOL/IDER Configuration
SOL/IDER Authentication Mode
RPTC Configuration

the interesting part is Provisioning Mode and Compatibility Mode are not editable.

2) Once i changed the Provision Mode to SMB then i cannot change it to Enterprise. (Means this options becomes non edi table) why it is like this ?
Cant we change it back to Enterprise from BIOS or from any where ?

Under this link i can see
Intel AMT
Release 1.0

Intel AMT
Release 2.0/2.1

Intel AMT Release 2.2

Intel AMT
Release 2.5

Intel AMT
Release 3.0

My Big doubt is
These are all SDK softwares need to be downloaded in another machine to Remotely manage the Vpro Machine ? or
these are the Driver softwares need to be installed in the Intel Vpro client machine so that vPro can be monitored remotely ?

My Intel AMT Engine, inside the BIOS is of version "Intel Active Management Technology 2.1.0 "
How can we ugrade the Intel AMT Engine inside BIOS "Intel Active Management Technology 2.1.0" to
the higher version say "Intel Active Management Technology 3".

3) Yesterday i ran the project Discovery Inside the SDK and i got the output in the report.log as

Discovery finished successfully.
Found 1 AMT devices.
Authenticated Intel AMT devices:
Unauthenticated Intel AMT devices:

Intel Active Management Technology 2.1.0

So i thought intel Vpro is working and i configured correctly.But when i tried the Asset Display application i got the following Error

C:Documents and SettingsGaneshDesktopIntelAMT1_Intel_AMT_Release_3.0_148862WindowsIntel AMT SDKSamplesAss

Calling function EnumerateAssetTypes...
Error: failed while calling EnumerateAssetTypes
SOAP failure: error code = 22

Why i could nt access the Asset of Intel Vpro Machine ?

4) I have tried this Url from the IE 7.0 ""
A pop up window appeared and it asked for username & password .....
this is the information displayed in the Pop up box "The server at Intel AMT (ID:EA6C988C-5A0A-DC11-A650-00E018BFD7CB) requires a username and password."
I have given the username as "admin" and password as "hanTZ1234$" (the one i have set in the Intel AMT Engine password from BIOS
But it is not opening the page what i am looking at, and it again asks the user name & passowrd. So what is the user name and password ,this pop box is expecting ?
Where can i set the username & passowrd ? Inside the BIOS of AMT Config there is no place for entering the user name & password. I have heard about some certificate for authentication. If it is please help in what certificate needs to be created and how and where to place in ???

I hope this could be the problem for my 3) question.

5) Please advise me where is the Problem in my vPro. Is that the Machine Problem or Intel AMT Configuration Problem or it is because of any driver softwares need to be installed in the vPro Machine or the way ,i am querying the vPro machine is the Problem ??

6) Which provisioning mode is more useful for Desktop Management ? and why ?

7) In your last reply you have mentioned about writinga agent code so that it will put datain some whereso that we can get information any time even when the machine down.

This agent what you referring earlier is the Mangement Software, that is going to query the Intel Vpro client or some thing like SNMP agent that needs to be reside inside the vPro system or BIOS. If it is in System harddisk ,then during the System Down how could the agent run on OS layer to get the information from vPro Bios.Or the Agent should be written and kept inside the BIOS if it is then kindly advise me how to do that ?

Thanks & Regards,

Hsbsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Hi Ganesh,

A lot of folks new to Intel AMT who are looking for Coding Examples are downloading the Intel Developers Toolkit along with the Source. You can also play around with Agent Presence by running the AMT Outpost to setup Watchdogs and use the AMT Commander to set up Policies. Again, there are many videos on the download site that I sent previously. Watching the videos and playing around with the Intel AMT DTK should answer a lot of your questions.

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