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No Intel ME menu in BIOS, shutdown while sitting in BIOS


It's my first post here, hope you can help me out.

It's a DQ67SW board, BIOS is latest ver: 0070 latest  [SWQ6710H.86A]. Been running fine for years.

In the last few weeks, it shuts down very often as if someone pulls the power. It shuts down even sitting in BIOS.

I notice there is no "Intel ME" menu in the BIOS that I remembered seeing before.
In Win10, device manager does not detect "Intel management engine interface". It says "the hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)". I can see the driver was already installed(driver date: 7/7/2015, version when I show hidden driver.

I reloaded the IME FW to version using the utility, it seemed to be loading but in the end, it errors  "Error 8193: Intel (R) ME Interface : Cannot locate ME device driver".

I also resetted MEBX header, turned BIOS to configure mode and resetted AMT settings. All didnt help, it's still the same.

1. Am I looking at a PCH component failure? However, Win10 booted fine and in the 30 mins it ran, things looked ok.
Or there may be other reasons?

2. I read that when the system detects no valid IME FW running, it shuts down in 30 mins even in BIOS.
It seems to be the case here as it shuts down in 30 mins (+- 15 secs or so) in BIOS.
Is there any way not to have it shutting down under this scenerio?



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