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Possible ways to configure the Management Engine using AMT- WS-Mamagement


As I described in my question:
Howto traverse CIM_HostedAccessPoint with WinRM

I am trying to configure the ME using WinRM. But I am not sure,
whether all steps for such an configuration can be made with

1. The AMT- WS-Management offers a lot of CIM_ AMT_ & IPS_ classes.
Can all this classes and their methods be accessed / used with WinRM?

2. Can somebody tell me please all other possiblities, which can
access all the AMT WS-Management classes / objects:
* vbs scripting (is all the AMT- WS-Management stuff accessible thur vbs) ?
* Intel libaries /libs (is all the AMT- WS-Management stuff accessible thur libs, - I guess/hope: YES) ?
* WinRM
* other ways ...

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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Yes, much like you can load the certs with a variety of mechanisms that generate WS-Man calls, there are a variety of mechanisms to make WS-Man calls. I had mentiond the WS-man Java library along with samples(here: ), the SDK also contains C# and C++ libraries (as well as the code for those libraries)and samples using them (download here: ).There's also the DTK source which has the manageability stack library as a reference.

Pretty muchif it'sa CIM class (as in it starts with CIM_, AMT_ or IPS_), it can be called by WS-Man (and by extension WinRM). Some of them are abstract classes and don't have instances, but the documentation on each Intel AMT Feature contains a use flows section that lists what classes are involved with the flow.

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