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Q&A: SQL Server compatibility with Intel AMT Add-on for SMS


This isa question received by Intel Software Network Support, along with an answer supplied by the Intel AMT Add-on for Microsoft* SMS support team:

Q. Does Intel AMT add-in for SMS require specific version of SQL Server? I have found a document saying it supports from SMS 2003 SP1 but also saying SQL 2005. SMS 2003 supports SQL 2005 from SP2. I want to know if Intel vPro would work on SQL 2000. If not, what are the reasons?

A. Intel AMT add-on for Microsoft SMS 2003 does not use SQL directly.
The add-on was tested with SQL 2000 SP4 and SQL 2005 and both are supported.

FAQ for Intel Active Management Technology Add-On for Microsoft* SMS 2003:


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