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Q&A: What does the Intel AMT SDK 2.0 release support?


These are questions received recentlyby Intel Software Network Support,along with theresponses supplied by our residentIntel AMT experts:

Q.Does the 2.0 release of the Intel AMT SDK support both Averill Platform and Santa Rosa Platform?

A. 2.0 is supported by current desktop platforms with Intel vPro Technology, which can be bought today. Intel AMT will be supported in mobile platforms with our next release of platforms with Intel Centrino Duo Technology, which will be released early next year (platform code named Santa Rosa). There will be a mobile version of the Intel AMT SDK, but the functionality will remain the same; the difference is support for wireless profiles and NICs.

Q.Does the 2.0 release of the Intel AMT SDK support development for AMT1.0 Lyndon platform?

A. The 2.0 release of the Intel AMT SDK supports AMT1.0 features. This feature is enabled in the BIOS extensions (AMT settings.) Note that when running in the AMT1.0 configuration, no new AMT2.0 features will be available. AMT 1.0 functions can be implemented in AMT 2.0, but the setup and configuration has changed.


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