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Re-provisioning a partially un-provisioned AMT system



Im experiencing some trouble with regards to the re-provisioning of a partially un-provisioned amt system.

Here is the problem. I issued an UnprovisionAmt() command to the SCS and specified that it should be a partial un-provision i.e. the PSK pair are not erased. The system successfully entered an un-provisioned state. I had hoped that the ReProvisionAmt command would bring the system out of the partially un-provisioned state however I get the following message in the SCS log files.

Exception while reprovisioning AMT: [201] The AMT with UUID xxxxx is not registered as provisioned.

It does not seem as though the AMT client is going to automatically re-provision itself as it does with the initial setup process. If the ReProvisionAmt command cant be used to provision a partially un-provisioned system how do I go about doing this?

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Reprovisioning is used to update configurations, renew certificates, etc. For example, if you want to switch the profile from one to another. This is used when the system is still in provisioned state.

Once you particially unprovision a system, after a while, the system will begin to send HELLO message and provisioning process will kick off without your intervention.

Thank you for the information. Do you know how long it will take before the the AMT system will start to send HELLO messages again? I would like to be able to warn the user that the system will be unavailable for about X minutes/hours etc.

In my experience, after a partial un-provision, it takes about 2 minutes before you get the hello packet using my Broadwater motherboard. Be aware that after your re-provision the computer, hardware inventory will not be present until the next reboot.

Note: I never used SCS, but I am the developer of Intel AMT Director, my own super simple version of the SCS that is part of the Intel AMT DTK. I just blogged about how to setup a computer in enterprise mode using Director yesterday.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)