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Remote Secure Erase with Intel AMT failed to erase the Intel Pro 2500


Hi, Sir,

Found the RSE article in developer zone and was directed to this forum; would like to consult with experts who are familiar with AMT RSE. I am running remote secure erase test with my customer on Intel platform with Intel pro SSD 2500S series & Intel pro 5450. The AMT version meets the requirement (AMT 15.0) and Pro SSD supports RSE per the spec.

The problem I met is SSD 2500S would show error "System has failed to erase the device. Power off in 10 seconds" while did RSE. Intel pro 5450 worked fine and could be erased successfully. (w/ same system, same BIOS and SW) I am doubting that was caused by SSD FW but not evidence. Is there any log I can check or utility I can use to check and determine what was going wrong while did the erase?

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