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Reset and Force Boot from CD

I'm trying to reset an AMT machine and force it to boot from the CD.
The "Network Interface Guide" Sec. details the various options. The relevant one is a special command "ForceCdOrDvdBoot" added to the "SendRemoteControl" command.
I went ahead and added this functionality to the DTK Commander.

However this only boots normally.

(I've tried adding a special parameter. For some value (=1) it waits for a remote IDE boot and for some other (>=3), Commander throws an exception with the message "BIOSReflash not supported" (probably a Commander bug)).

My boot sequence is defined as hard-disk and then CD drive. Of course I can boot manually from a CD.
I also rechecked and all IDE/R amt options are enabled. From the DTK remote monitor, I'm able to reboot the AMT machine but when trying to reboot with a redirected boot device, the machine get stuck with the message "Attempting remote IDE boot".

Are there some other bios/amt configurations needed in order to enable this?
Thanks in advance, Robi

p.s. here's the code:
AmtRemoteControl.AmtPowerStates PowerState = computer.Remote.GetSystemPowerState();
byte command = 0x11; // Powerup
if (PowerState == AmtRemoteControl.AmtPowerStates.S0_POWERED || PowerState == AmtRemoteControl.AmtPowerStates.S1_SLEEPING_WITH_CONTEXT) command = 0x10; // Reset
byte specailCommand = 0x05; // boot with cd
AmtCallStatus s = computer.Remote.SendRemoteControl(command, 0x157, specailCommand, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0);
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Did you enable SOL/IDE-R in the Bios?



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Hi there. First off, I can't say I have been very happy to remote control commands, I have never been lucky at making them reliable. Never the less, it should work pretty well. I want to start by saying that the redirected CDROM (IDE-R) and a local CDROM are considered very different. For booting to IDE-R CDROM, I have notived that if you use a .ISO file, you must copy it to the local hard disk of Commander. Using the .ISO on a flash key or network share never works, and it will hang just like you describe. I don't know why that is, I am not the author of IMRSDK.dll, so, I can't investigate that... but I have seen it many time. By the way, you can also boot to a very large floppy image, there are large 1 gig floppy .img files you can use... and IDE-R using a floppy has the added benefit of being read/write.

For booting to a local CDROM, it's not something supported by AMT, but ASF does support it, so you may have to try using ASF instead of AMT. In any case, you probably noticed that at the bottom of the custom command dialog box in the terminal, you see exactly what remote control commands are sent. I would just try it and see what works. Normally I would try it myself but I am overloaded for the next week.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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